Why I voted NO

The Italian government in charge proposed several modifications to the Italian Constitution, and I voted NO, for many reasons, the main one being that I think the modifications went in the direction of diminishing democracy.

There were lots of good reasons to vote NO, some of which have to do with the contingent political asset in Italy. I don’t care about who’s in power right now and who will be in power tomorrow. I want good rules for the game.

What was really important to me was that, according to the Constitution in effect, at the political elections I can express two votes; while according to the new proposed Constitution, I could only express one. To me, that makes for a 50% loss of democracy at political elections. We can add to this the fact that certain local institutions (provincie) were recently “abolished” in the sense that they still exist, but we don’t vote for their representatives.

Overall, I see this attempt to diminish democracy in Italy as part of an overall trend in Europe. I might or might not come back to this.


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