About an interview

I was interviewed by a Luxembourgish radio station (listen)


I think the conversation went pretty well and the final editing sounds nice, though I don’t speak Luxembourgish and I don’t remember exactly what I said. We talked a lot about general principles, science and society, modern academia, with only a small pedagogical detour into the science.It was my choice because methodological questions are the more important to me, and sometimes I find science vulgarisation is used as a sort of propaganda tool.

Before, I also featured in a video, where I explain some of the ideas behind a paper I published two years ago (see paper description).

M. Polettini, G. Verley and M. Esposito,
Efficiency Statistics at All Times: Carnot Limit at Finite Power,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 050601 (2015), arXiv:1409.4716


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